New ATSB Report Appears

New ATSB Report Appears

Duncan Steel : 2014 October 08

Well, it’s a new (update) report from the ATSB, but it doesn’t contain much actually new, because the Independent Group (IG) had already reached essentially the same conclusions and published them here a couple of weeks ago. One wonders whether the two might be related? Rather earlier, the IG had posted similar recommendations (and pleas for the release of information unconscionably kept secret) in preceding posts earlier in September, and indeed in posts in June, July and August.

Below we (the IG) show how our recommended end point relates to the location that the ATSB has belatedly arrived at, after wasting millions of dollars surveying a wide area much further NE.

IG End Point validated by ATSB

Note also that the ATSB (and their cronies) have at last realised and accepted that the IG was correct that the final BFO values can be interpreted in terms of a plunge into the sea from high altitude: we have previously given the speed with which the aircraft hit the sea (near 300 kph). As of yet the ATSB is still not interpreting the final BFOs correctly, in our opinion.




Further Comments on the Path Flown by MH370 from Dr Bobby Ulich

Further Comments on the Path Flown by MH370 from Dr Bobby Ulich

Duncan Steel – 2014 October 07
Update – 2014 October 16

Dr Ulich has prepared two further White Papers concerning his proposed solution for the path flown by MH370 and the consequent end point. These are addenda to his first White Paper.

The first addendum/White Paper is entitled Error Sensitivity Analysis, and it is available here (PDF, 4pp, 439kB).

The second addendum/White Paper is entitled Comparison of MH370 Route Synthesis Methods and Results, and it is available for download here (PDF, 16pp, 886kB). This contains Dr Ulich’s responses to the Independent Group’s critique of his first White Paper, plus a detailed comparison of models, plus a new measurement of BTO noise, etc.

Update October 16: Dr Ulich has made available a third addendum (PDF, 17pp, 1.23MB), entitled New Analyses of Proposed MH370 Routes, which is available for download from here.



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